Vincent Rapide. Not matching numbers.
Fully restored.
I have a few of these and as this one was not a matching numbers bike I decided to restore it and chrome all the polished aluminum and many other parts
This was something I always wanted to do and it looks fantastic.
An extremely expensive and time consuming undertaking I assure you.
It was restored with no regard to cost and it stays shiny and polished merely with a wipe now and then. The paint has 4 base coats and 8 clear coat layers and is the best I’ve ever seen. The chrome was triple plated and redone a few times to get to this level. It is almost impossible to keep a vincent always this bright as the aluminum tarnishes whatever you do.
Even when you polish,you can’t get into the crevices properly and none of us do unless it’s for a concourse at huge expense in labor.

Location: Miami Beach, Florida, United States

See listing: 1950 Vincent Rapide (from October 31, 2019)