This 1951 Vincent Black Shadow has been in the family since 1991 and was originally rebuilt in the early 90’s by my father, the exhaust fitting had been modified and stubs fitted to the exhaust ports at some point and he kept that system on the bike. When running it kept blowing the pipes off and so it was put away for another day and ended up standing for 23 years.

In 2015 I pulled the heads off it and sent them to Maughans to have the exhaust ports put back to standard. At that time I decided to do a complete rebuild and fully stripped the bike down and it had a full repaint and engine rebuild. It has new bearings, cams, followers, piston rings, valves, guides, springs, large idler, tires, rims, spokes, chains, cables and silencer. The exhaust and several other pieces where rechromed, carbs overhauled and the electrical system was upgraded to 12v using the original miller dynamo and a modern DVR2 regulator. The ignition system is a new electronics BTH mag and so far I have done 200 miles on it since it was registered without any issues. I’m trying to put more miles on it and it’s running great.

It is in original trim with standard carbs etc and is a genuine Shadow with the engine from Aug 1951 and the frame from July 1951.

Location: Reno, Nevada, United States

Seller: dinny1908

See listing: 1951 Vincent Black Shadow (from October 10, 2020)